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Upholstery Portland

Upholstery Portland

For both residential and commercial clients, we provide the best upholstery in Portland. We offer free estimates, and can meet all of your quality auto upholstery and furniture re-upholstery needs, including automotive upholstery, boat upholstery, leather seats, seat for your vehicle, or chair. Our automobile and furniture repair services are regarded as the finest in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Upholstery Portland before photo of classic torn sofa


Upholstery Portland after photo of classic reupholstered sofa


Customer Reviews
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Sara B.

The absolute finest place to have your car seats reupholstered is unquestionably Best Upholstery Portland. The workmanship is really fantastic, and the customer service is exceptional. I looked at a few of the other upholstery shops in town, such as American Auto Trim, but ultimately decided to get my leather seats reupholstered here, and highly recommend it!

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Michael F.

The Best Upholstery Portland upholstered my worn truck seats, and they did an excellent job. The materials and construction are outstanding. I’m really pleased with how they looked when completed, and I’d strongly recommend anyone wanting some new leather seats as well as high-end interiors to contact them.

Upholstery Portland reviews profile photo of young woman

Yoomie S.

I just had Best Upholstery Portland, OK replace my old recliner fabric and cushions, and I couldn’t be happier. They performed an excellent job, and the new upholstery looks great. Anyone looking for top-notch furniture reupholstery should strongly consider them. Thank you very much again for your excellent service!

Select upholstery fabrics at home Free Swatches delivered to your door

best upholstery Portland upholstery fabric selection

Find the perfect fabric without wasting time and energy driving to our shop. We have a large variety of high-end fabrics, vinyl, and leather for you to choose from in the comfort of your home. Select from over 10,000 free swatches and have them sent to your home or office to get a feel of fabric to help you decide whats the best look and feel for your upholstery project.

Limited-time offer

Get Up to 30% off Upholstery Fabric by the yard on select materials
  • Discover 10,000+ patterns
  • Free Yardage Guide
  • Free Shipping (orders over $199)*

*Free shipping on order over $199 within the United States excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam.

Auto restoration and Upholstery Benefits

Upholstery, when done correctly, may help your property, workplace, or automobile seem cleaner and nicer. Custom upholstery may be adapted to any décor while still providing style and comfort. Antique restoration is also a wonderful way to preserve your furniture or automobile seats from wear and tear while also extending their lifespan. We only use high-quality materials and have a track record for the highest quality furniture reupholstery. For a free estimate, contact us now.
Portland upholstery white sofa in living room with blue throw pillows

10 reasons why you should consider upholstery for your old sofas and chair:

  • Increase the value of your classic chairs and sofas.
  • To add new life to the old furniture piece.
  • Custom upholstery repairs can be more affordable than buying new furniture.
  • You can choose your own fabrics and design to match your upholstery to your current interior decor.
  • Old furniture can often be refinished and look new again with new high-quality cushions, foam, padding, fabric, and material that’s durable and will last.
  • Furniture upholstery is a sustainable process – it keeps old furniture out of landfills.
  • Custom furniture and upholstered pieces are unique and one of a kind.
  • Upholstery is an environmentally friendly way to update your home decor.
  • Sofa and chair upholstery will last for years with proper care.
  • You can extend the life of your most cherished furniture to last for generations. Each custom upholstery repair project comes with the highest quality materials, cushions, and fabric.

All these benefits will make your investment into your loved furniture worth every penny.

Call us today or fill out the form below for an evaluation or schedule an appointment.

We offer free estimates on all of our services, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We come to you and provide you with a completely free upholstery estimate! For more information, please contact us.

Get free estimates without any obligation.

We’ll go through the quality and value of your car seat or furniture repair job on things like sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, stools, patio furniture, and more. We’re confident in our upholstery services and low-cost pricing that we’ll give you an estimate for your project without any obligations.

Evaluating your restoration project

When you contact our courteous upholstery customer care staff or submit an online request for a free estimate, one of our service experts will get in touch with you to discuss your furniture repair needs. We’ll talk with you to better understand your furniture repair so that we can see if it’s worthwhile undertaking and financial. We offer straightforward furniture evaluations and will always tell you the truth about your restoration project so that you may make an informed decision.
best upholstery Portland wingback chair layers
best upholstery Portland upholstery fabric selection

Fabrics and Materials Selection

We have a large variety of high-end fabrics, vinyl, and leather for you to choose from. It’s fine to use your own fabric if that’s what you like. Tell us the sorts of upholstery fabrics you want to use, and our experienced upholstery salesperson will try to locate items that will complement your vehicle or custom-made furniture. For further information on materials for upholtery, see here.

The Project Details

If the expense of furniture repair is acceptable to your entire budget and we believe it’s a good idea to perform the work, we’ll schedule an appointment. Our professional staff will come to your home to take measurements on the pieces you wish restored or reupholstered. To give you a reliable estimate.
best upholstery Portland custom upholstery
best upholstery Portland custom upholstery project

Restoring your furniture

After obtaining the appropriate furniture measurements from you, our staff will return to our store and begin working on a custom upholstery project for you. We typically finish most upholstery projects in two to four weeks (depending on the difficulty of the job and workload times completion times may vary), but we can do so much faster if there is availability.

Delivering your furniture

After your furniture upholstery job is completed, one of our specialists will return to your house or place of business for a last inspection before delivering the high-quality work. You may be certain that it will look like new after we’re done!

Coverage Areas

Coverage Areas
If your city is near or in the Portland region and you don’t see it on our site, give us a call to see if we can help.

Our expert technicians will visit your home or business for commercial clients, and provide you with a free upholstery estimate! Contact us for more info.
Get up to a 75% Discount
on labor when you purchase from our selected fabrics
Get up to a 75% Discount
on labor when you purchase from our selected fabrics
Get up to a 75% Discount
on labor when you purchase from our selected fabrics

Best Upholstery Guarantee

Every upholstery repair is backed by a guarantee that covers faulty materials or workmanship. We’ve restored hundreds of pieces of furniture over the years, and we take each upholstery repair job seriously. So you’ve come to the correct location if you have outdated furniture, a personal favorite sofa, family heirloom, or automobile that requires expert care.

Get an appointment set as soon as possible, before it's too late.

Because we’ve hit near-capacity levels as a consequence of the high demand, our policy is quite strict. We are a first come, first served system, and there may be a longer wait time depending on the position. Thank you for your cooperation.
best upholstery Portland reupholstery projects
We’ll come to your location, provide you with a free upholstery quotation, and inspect the sofa for damage before deciding whether or not it’s worth repairing. For more information, contact us now.

Portland Upholstery Repair FAQ

The average time it takes to complete a couch repair is two to four weeks, but we can do it on a tight deadline if necessary (based on availability).

We only serve the Portland areas listed above.

Every aspect of upholstery furniture repair is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing or craftsmanship flaws.
Yes! When you engage with our team, you get to pick your own fabrics and patterns!
Yes, if your current furnishings have high-quality cushions, foam, padding, fabric, and material that is long-lasting and sturdy, they may be completely restored to seem new.

Portland Upholsterers

We take pride in our high-quality work at Best Upholstery. We’ve been in business for over 50 years, and we’ve restored thousands of pieces of furniture during that time. Our enthusiasm for what we do shows through in our work.
We service the Portland region, and we’re committed to providing our clients with the most outstanding customer service in the industry. We provide a free estimate and are always ready to answer any queries you may have. All of our work is guaranteed for a 100 percent satisfaction rate.
If you’re looking for an upholsterer in Portland, look no further.

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